With ZenQ, you can get more than a service provider – you can get a dedicated information technology partner, working in collaboration with your teams to co-create ideal solutions. We work as a part of your team, thereby giving you the freedom to focus on your core business initiatives and business critical strategies. At ZenQ, we strive to maximize the value proposition to our clients.

With a focus to deliver bespoke solutions of superior quality, ZenQ’s unique solutions are tailored to your business requirements that help enhance your operational efficiency, reduce time to market, increase credibility and improve customer retention, thereby giving you a competitive advantage.

Pure Play Testing Services

Software Testing is our forté. We offer a wide range of testing services backed by a large team of highly skilled resources, vast experience in the testing domain, and industry best practices. Our proprietary test tools and automation frameworks can help you expedite test cycles, and reduce tool licensing costs.

You can rely on us to realize measurable improvements in quality, deliver faster time-to-market and to reduce your testing costs significantly.

Excellence in Quality

We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality at every stage of a project. We apply international standards and best practices to ensure that quality is not compromised. Through our dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE), our teams research the latest technologies in software testing to deliver premium quality to our clients.

We have been able to retain most of our clients because they trust the quality and cost-effectiveness of our service delivery.

Experienced Professionals

Our team consists of highly skilled and certified professionals, working diligently towards delivering nothing but the best. We leverage our combined experience and expertise to develop unique solutions, designed to meet your specific requirements.

We employ a meticulous approach in our recruitment process, to ensure that our skilled and resourceful professionals, productive from the day one of the project.


We believe that integrity is the foundation of our organization. Our candor is exemplified in all the stages of our services, both internally and externally. We follow an ethical and fair approach and uphold values of honesty, sincerity and absolute transparency in our processes. Even in the most difficult situations, we preserve our professional demeanor and work towards delivering superior results.

Access to Top Management

We strive to provide an open and hassle-free 360-degree communication across our organization. Our teams have access to the top management for any kind of issue resolution. A well-defined and proven escalation matrix is at the heart of issue resolution. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that we deliver seamless and high quality of service to our clients.

IP Protection

At ZenQ, we apply checks at multiple tiers to ensure the highest level of security. In addition, our team implements best practices at physical, networking and process levels to make sure that your IP stays protected.

Leadership Team

Our dedicated teams work with you to ensure that each project is completed within the stipulated budget and time. We relentlessly pursue and achieve high performance by benchmarking and adopting best practices.

We begin every project with an understanding of your product/application and your business requirements. Once our resources become well informed with all the features of the product/application functionality, we work as a reliable extension of your team until the successful completion of the project.