In this high risk regime, security of software applications from all forms of cyber-attacks plays a vital role in securing the trust and reliability of your clients and their clients.

In this webinar, we will outline top application security risks, and how you could possibly thwart them by integrating Application Security Testing into the Continuous Integration – Continuous Development practice.

The Webinar covered:

  • - Why Security Testing?
  • - Top 10 Scariest Vulnerabilities often found in application post release
  • - Challenges of integrating Application Security Testing practices into CI-CT-CD practice
  • - Solve the puzzle of App Sec in Dev Ops
  • - Toolkit for Continuous Security Testing
  • - Security Code Review (SAST)
    • -Application Security Assessment(DAST)
    • -Application Security Assessment
  • - ZenQ Framework for Continuous Security Testing
  • - Working Demo of Jenkins pipeline with Continuous Security testing, leveraging open source tools.

Webinar Recording :


Date : Nov 23,2017
Time : 11:00 AM ET
Speaker : Hemchand Srigiriraju
-Test Director & Head - Security Testing