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    We spend 1/3rd of our day at work, why not make it riveting and exciting? See how we do this at ZENQ...

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    Enthusiastic..energetic..innovative..looking for a challenging role.. did we just describe you? Click here to start your journey with us

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    Employee Benefits

    Opportunities for career growth, competitive compensation and congenial work environment is not all.. we have much more to offer our employees


ZenQ offers a conducive and collaborative work
atmosphere that not just provides you a job, but shapes your career.
We consider our employees our greatest asset and strive to
create a promising environment, full of exceptional
opportunities for their individual growth.


Work, Play & Grow

Our work environment is designed to achieve a healthy balance of work, fun and individual growth. Through a client-centric and employee-oriented approach, we strive to create an environment that makes work both challenging and enjoyable,
while paving the way for individual growth.

We believe that learning is an ongoing process and that there’s always room for learning. We have dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE) that ensure that our employees are apace with technological advancements and the latest developments in the industry. We also offer comprehensive training programs – both in-house and via external conferences.

In addition to this, our employees are provided with opportunities, as diverse as our portfolio, including onsite opportunities. We also offer a variety of benefits to empower our employees, like medical insurance, retirement benefits and paid leaves.

We Value

At ZenQ, we value performance and results, and ensure that our employees have the right resources to achieve high performance and optimal results. Our teams develop unique solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements that make a huge impact for their businesses. This makes every day challenging and highly rewarding for our employees, motivating them to excel in each task they do.

We empower our employees to actively participate in the decision-making process. We listen to our employees and value their insights and opinions before making a business decision. This fosters creativity and drives innovation.

ZenQ Value Proposition

  • A gamut of diverse opportunities
  • Global exposure
  • Faster career growth rate
  • Conducive work environment
  • Continuous learning

Our Culture

At ZenQ, Quality comes first. ZenQ has a diverse culture, with people of different ages, backgrounds and geographies working together in pursuit of one common goal – Excellence in Quality. With this goal in mind, we employ good technology practices and strive to create lasting business value.

Our clients and employees are our stakeholders. We bring talented and dedicated individuals in a conducive and creative work culture that would help them hone their skills and deliver high quality solutions to our clients.

We believe that our core values shape our work culture and define our organization:

  • Teamwork

    Our employees derive their satisfaction and motivation in working as a team to develop innovative and customized solutions and help clients achieve their business goals.

  • Integrity

    We gain the trust of our stakeholders by following virtues of honesty and ethics in our practices.

  • The 3Es

    The three cornerstones of our pursuit for excellence in quality can be summed up in 3Es – Excellence, Empathy and Efficiency.

  • Transparency

    We employ transparency in all our processes and practices.

  • Passion

    Driven by a passion for what we do and how we do it, we strive to deliver the best-suited solutions of the highest quality.

Be a Part of ZenQ Team

At ZenQ, we provide the right environment, and constant training, motivation and mentoring to enable employees experience a faster career growth. ZenQ employees stand out to be the most sought after and reliable professionals in the industry.

Your dreams are as important to us as they are to you and we provide a host of opportunities to help you fulfill your aspirations. We offer a unique atmosphere that is both challenging and enjoyable, to help you realize your true potential.

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Razor Host

Employee Voice

Joining ZENQ has been one of the best decisions of my life! Since joining ZENQ, I have had several challenging and exciting opportunities to lead a variety of projects. My job allows me the unique opportunity to work with latest trends in industry improving my potential. Coming up with solutions for a client can challenge you to think outside of the box which we are able to achieve with the support of highly qualified managers. Helping clients achieve their business goals has provided me with valuable experience that I leverage each day and has provided a skill set and expertise that has enabled me to be successful in taking on new projects. The organization provides each and every individual, the freedom to express his feelings that bring confidence in their caliber. Apart from the hectic schedule of work, we as a team really enjoy ourselves in tours, luncheons and company day events. I am proud to be associated with ZenQ. I truly enjoy my job and as each day ends, I feel as though I have made a contribution to the success of our organization.

  Nageswar Rao

  Performance Test   Analyst

I’ve been at ZENQ for 1+ year now. I was a fresher out of college when I joined ZENQ and the atmosphere was very welcoming and supportive - I'm glad the same atmosphere prevails even today. ZENQ has helped me improve and expand my technical skill set. At ZENQ, I have a sense of belonging, the support of a family and the excitement of being a part of something special and dynamic. Work is always challening here with the fun quotient too at its peaks. Ours is a close knit team and a great sense of mutual respect prevails among ourselves creating a positive and productive work environment which pushes all individuals to challenge their best and come out with something better. The individuality ZENQ has provided me has not only helped me grow professionally but personally as well. ZENQ is on a fast track journey into its future and it feels great to be part of a Company that is adapting, restructuring and evolving.

  Khalida Afroze

  Test Engineer

It’s been a little less than a year since I joined ZENQ and what I like best about this company is how focused it is on its people. Each employee is given an opportunity to express their opinions, views and concerns openly. Ideas are always welcomed and innovation is encouraged. Opportunities for learning are unlimited. I get to do many challenging tasks, learning new things, explore new technologies and this is what I was looking for when I left my previous organization about an year ago. Apart from the work, people here are so nice that I’ve made many good friends out of the colleagues within a very short period.

  Rakesh Reddy   Ponnala

  Sr. Performance   Test Analyst

The last three years of work at ZENQ has indeed been an inspiring experience. In fact it has been much better than the first six years that I had spent working in other places. I have grown along with this company with my learning curve ever increasing. I always had a plethora of opportunities and challenges beyond my current role and my career progression has been impressive. With adequate mentoring and high degree of professionalism of my superiors, I was able to hone my management skills which has helped me achieve my goals. I'm fortunate to be part of a company that encourages growth.

  Gagan Pentakota

  Sr. Project Lead

After college I wanted to join an organization which would give me enough opportunities for me to perform to my full calibre and take up new challenges everyday. I should say I was lucky enough to get placed in ZENQ. A new day at ZENQ is a new chance to learn, to improve, to perform and to live. The organization always encourages its employees to take up new challenges professionally and provides wonderful opportunities to leverage their skills. Inducing the best practices and policies in industry into its work culture and never settling for anything other than the best, the environment at ZENQ offices is employee friendly and lively. If you are one of the people who thinks software jobs are boring, you should join ZenQ to change your opinion.

  Vinay Singu

  Project Lead

After I completed my graduation, I wanted a challenge, something that would keep my attention, provide ample opportunities to grow and endless possibilities to learn as much as I can. Joining ZENQ has been all that and more. I'm surrounded not only by brilliant, friendly, and talented people but also by many opportunities for me to develop and excel. Whether it is developing myself by exploring and finding my passion or perfecting the skill sets one already has, ZENQ moulds each individual to a professional. I have been sailing with ZENQ since five years and haven't looked back since then. Every moment and experience I have had at ZENQ helps me in one way or the other.

  Ravi Kumar

  Team Lead