Automation results dashboard (Tool agnostic)

Speakers: Praveen Lakkimsetti – Test Director

Date: 5th Dec 2018, 09.30 PM IST

Test automation tools and frameworks have become increasingly popular and have become a key implementation in most product’s test strategy. However, most of these tool’s reporting capabilities are generally limited to the latest test run, show few stats of pass/fail and won’t present historical run data. Also, if companies uses different automation tools to automate different products, the teams would have different reporting tools to understand and analyze the failures. Making these test reports centrally available for all stakeholders is also a key challenge.

Microservices testing

Join this webinar to learn more about Microservices Testing.

Date: Coming Soon

AppSec in DevOps – Solving the puzzle

Speakers : Hemchand Srigiriraju -Test Director & Head – Security Testing

In this high-risk regime, security of software applications from all forms of cyber-attacks plays a vital role in securing the trust and reliability of your clients and their clients.

Learn more about the top application security risks, and how you could possibly thwart them by integrating Application Security Testing into the Continuous Integration – Continuous Development practice.

We also discussed ZenQ’s Framework for Continuous Security Testing and ran a demo of Jenkins pipeline with Continuous Security testing, leveraging open source tools.

Building Selenium grid with multi-host Docker network

Speakers : Praveen Lakkimsetti – Head, Test Automation CoE

While there are test automation tools available for thorough testing of complex and critical apps adopting the DevOps model, there is a dearth of cost-effective test automation infrastructure which is critical for running automated tests.

This webinar highlights one such platform called “Docker” that helps organizations to significantly optimize their testing infrastructure as against other existing infrastructure models such as Physical host machines, Virtual machines, cloud infrastructure etc.

Smart testing for smart devices

Speakers : Balaji Ponnada – Test Director

Smart devices of today are getting smarter and are putting more power in the hands of the user. The apps are getting equally powerful and are helping solve B2B and B2C challenges. A thorough Testing of such complex apps also gets complicated and impacts the overall test plan and time to market.

View this recorded webinar to understand the different Categories of Mobile apps, How mobile app testing is different?, what are the challenges in smart device testing, what Mobile specific tests need to be conducted.

Also, see how we do the Mobile app Testing using our MobiliZe ™ Smart grid.

How to Improve Your Mobile App’s Performance

Speakers : Hemchand Srigiriraju – Head, Performance Testing CoE

Mobile devices today, contribute to more than 75% of internet traffic, 90% of which comes from Mobile Apps. The performance of the mobile app thus becomes a critical success factor for companies to attract and retain customers.

In this webinar, we discussed the business impacts of Mobile App’s underperformance, strategies for designing Mobile App’s for better performance, strategies for Mobile App Performance Testing, Instrumenting your Mobile App for Performance Monitoring and Myths around Mobile App Performance.