At ZenQ, we provide comprehensive Healthcare Testing solutions with greater IT integration, by leveraging our extensive technology and exceptional domain expertise. Our healthcare domain specialists keep abreast of the changing regulations and federal/provincial (US/Canada/UK) policies/initiatives related to usage of EHRs/EMRs, Data collection & reporting specs, Personal health records, Health Information Exchange etc. and Data Security & Interoperability specifications & standards.


The healthcare business model is undergoing a significant shift towards a patient-centric and preventive healthcare system with a focus on improving the quality of the care. In addition to this, the industry faces numerous challenges of regulatory compliance, rising operational costs, data explosion and unprecedented reforms to emphasize on wellness management and preventive care.


Challenges in Healthcare Industry ˗ Fragmented quality and care ˗ Multiple security and privacy concerns ˗ Poor interoperability ˗ Lack of shared knowledge ˗ Inefficient and tedious system ˗ Cost reduction requirements To overcome these challenges Healthcare organizations and providers are looking for ways to improve the quality of care, lower the costs, minimize errors, reduce time to market and adapt to constantly changing regulatory environment.


Expertise Areas




Why ZenQ/Value Proposition/Benefits

  • Extensive experience in providing healthcare testing services
  • Dedicated in-house healthcare domain knowledge specialists
  • Adherence to Healthcare Data Privacy Laws/Regulations such as HIPAA
  • In-house Test acceleration Solution (Z-Suite) with 1000s of test Cases across:
    1. Electronic Medical Record Systems (Patient Dashboard, Allergies, Diagnosis, Billing & Payments, Reports)
    2. Electronic Medication Administration Record System (Provider, Pharmacy, Medication, Patient, Barcode& administration, Reports)
    3. Health Level 7 Standards(xml messages & variety of test cases for ADT, BDS, MDM, BAR, ORM etc modules
Our Focus Areas include:
  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Healthcare Data Interoperability & Messaging Standards Conformation
  • Minimum Data Set (US – MDS 2.0/3.0, Canada – CCRS, NRS, OMHRS, ACCIS and IAR)
  • mHealth (Mobile Health Platforms)
  • Health Insurance

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