Microservices architecture provides ability to deploy, scale and maintain an application by breaking it down to a series of services. These services are easily scalable, flexible and can be independently deployed, maintained and developed using different languages, databases and platforms.

Traditional end-to-end testing strategies applied to monolithic applications may not work for Microservices Architectures and must be evolved to include testing at granular level.
Designing an effective test strategy involves right combination of tools and framework and skilled resources capable to provide coverage of each layer and across layers of the service.

Test Areas

  • Unit Tests: Unit tests are typically written at the class level or around a small group of related classes and provides good coverage of each of the core modules of the system in isolation.
  • Integration Tests: Integration tests collect modules together and test them as a subsystem to verify interactions between layers of integration code and the external components to which they are integrating.
  • Integration Contract Tests: To test that the inputs and outputs of service calls of a component contain required attributes and that response latency and throughput are within acceptable limits. Test doubles are often used to isolate the component from its peers.
  • Consumer Contract Tests: Consumers Contract Tests are defined considering consumer expectations ensuring that the service provider continues to meet its commitment. With these tests, the provider gains a better understanding of how the current structure can be evolved without breaking existing functionality.
  • End-to-end Tests: End-to-end tests verifies that the system as a whole meets business goals irrespective of the component architecture in use.

Why ZenQ/Value Proposition/Benefits

  • Extensive experience in testing service components using test doubles – Moq, Mockito, PowerMock etc.
  • Early adopters of diverse platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS etc.
  • Deep understanding of microservice architecture
  • Dedicated CoE team

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